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Helping you celebrate life, love and memories

What is a celebrant?

Independent celebrants can offer total flexibility and on all occasions will both respect and reflect any religious or spiritual beliefs which you may (or may not) have. The choice to include content such as hymns, prayers, blessings or religious readings is entirely down to you. 

The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants motto is “Your Voice, Your Choice, Your Ceremony

Why do I do this?

I was inspired to train with The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants many years ago - but why?

I had a 'portfolio' career - but everything I did had a link - people and story.

I was an actor, speaker and reminiscence facilitator (working with people with dementia mainly). I had taken a degree in Communication - as a 'mature' student.

So I knew that I could listen well, create a relaxed atmosphere - and help trigger off stories - gently.  I also knew I could put words together well.

Then my father-in-law died - and that was the moment that I knew I wanted to help families deliver something that FELT right for everyone.

It is as much a priviledge today as it was at the start of this journey - I never take it for granted that I am being invited into your home at a time of grief - and you are trusting me.

Some feedback

'Thank you for our chat this afternoon - really reassuring and helpful' 

'I have just read the words and must admit I had a few tears in my eyes although some were from having a chuckle. You have captured my Father in every word'

'We can't believe how brilliantly you have taken our notes and put it into such incredible words.'

Individuality is core to everything I do

As a celebrant my job is to listen to you - to understand all the individuals involved and to reflect the essence of the individuals throughout the content of the event.

As a celebrant I can respond to your wishes - with few restrictions! My beliefs are not what this is about. I listen with a totally open mind and follow your lead. I do of course offer my expertise and experience to guide you through choices and structure.

Email me with your questions and requests