Eulogy writing service only

For those who wish to make alternative arrangements - not using a celebrant or minister. Help with writing the eulogy which you then deliver.

Maybe 'eulogy' is a word less used these days - and I usually say 'Celebrating the life of.....'

Tribute is another way to describe these words.  

Beyond the lable, the main point is - what do they need to do?

They need to paint pictures and reflect the essence of the individual.

Not all lives are full of amazing adventures and drama or even large families or passions or hobbies... but there is always something that reflects a core quality of either the person or how they were part of the life of other people. It is often the simple moments in time, the catchphrase or expression... the favourite food or book... 

Sometimes a life is cut short - and sometimes the story is a sad one. Maybe all the words need to do is bring peace.

Sometimes the life is so full of adventures, people, passions and events that it is hard to know where to start! Knowing there is a time limit means having to find the core themes and moments without putting every detail in... not easy.

Let me help

This is part of the service I offer when I am your celebrant. However - what if you want to conduct the service yourself or maybe have an alternative service that is not part of the cremation or burial - but just a gathering together? Maybe you just need help to write the words that you will then deliver.

I am very experienced at getting a sense of an individual - their 'style' and what fits - the essence. I rarely get any amendments made to the drafts I send the family :)

How do I do this?

  • We communicate by email, phone or Skype.
  • I take copious notes!
  • I weave the words together and send you a draft to approve or amend.
  • I send the final version - and it is all yours.

Contact me for details