Being together - when not together

When you can't physically be together - there is still a way

It is not always possible to celebrate a life all together in one physical space.  But there is a way...

  • If you have family spread across the globe
  • If you have family and friends who are unwell or disabled in some way - and can't attend a service
  • And currently - if you are socially distancing or isolating

How does this work?

Before the event

  • We talk - this can simply be over the phone.
  • You tell me what the situation is - and we think through practicalities such as date and time
  • I start to get a sense of who would like to be involved
  • I establish contact with these people
  • We arrange a good time to have a full chat about your loved one - this can be online
  • I weave together the words to celebrate the life - and this might be a blend of contributions
  • We work on the structure of the 'service' - music, tributes, any readings if wanted.
  • I keep pulling all this together - and importantly - communicating.
  • You receive a draft of the words where relevant - to approve
  • Everyone will have a copy of the 'order of service'
  • A 'Zoom' link is sent to all who are attending (maximum 20)

"I felt so listened to - and for me that has made all the difference.  You gave me space to start remembering the happy times.... your words captured the absolute essence of who my dad was - thank you..."


The Event

  • Everyone uses their link to enter the 'virtual room'
  • Everyone will be able to see eachother - or keep their video off if they wish.
  • Everyone will be on 'mute' unless contributing - to avoid background noise or distraction
  • The service will commence - and flow as discussed.
  • Memories and reflections will be shared.
  • There can be pictures and music shown too.

First step - let's talk

Or simply email me