Love is in the air!

'I just want to say thank you so much for celebrating our blessing with us and making it a very special day ....your contribution certainly made the afternoon go with a bang.'

Renewal of Vows.. 'we can't believe how brilliantly you have taken our notes and put it into such incredible words. It is all very appropriate...' 


Just get the legal bit done quietly (marriage or Civil Partnership - there are about 40 words that actually require a registrar) - then enjoy a totally personal wedding in a venue of your choice. The ceremony might be traditional - vows, ring exchange, signing of 'keepsake' certificate'. Maybe there will be more quirky content and symbolic gestures. Maybe you wish some religious or spiritual readings or humourous poems - or.... well that's the point - there is CHOICE. Plenty of photo opportunities..... family a wonderfully memorable event!


Some occassions don't require a lot of pomp and ceremony but DO require marking in a special and meaningful way - and this was one such occassion - a GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY for a lovely couple.  I visited them in their house and we chatted over their story and how they wanted to mark the day....  how they wished to involve family members - including grandsons being in charge of the rings!  


Parting with love - when a marriage ends but a friendship remains.

Sharing a life - for those not wishing to enter into a marriage contract - but wishing to celebrate their commitment to each other - or maybe to the extended family.

I am very happy to listen to YOUR wishes for YOUR event - I am flexible... well mentally more than physically perhaps!   


I will arrive in plenty of time so you don't have to panic! I will be flexible in terms of setting up in the space. I will introduce myself to all involved with the ceremony to make sure all is well. I will adapt to last minute alterations - I'm unflappable - I will leave that to you! I will dress anywhere from smart casual, vintage, themed - to more formal 'registrar' look - that we will discuss.    

Friendship poem

Let's have a chat